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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe ???

E-cigarettes were first introduced into the US market in 2007 as a device to cut back their smoking habits.Despite growing dramatically in popularity, opinions remain divided as to their long-term impact on health.Are E-cigarettes safe or people should be worried about using them ! so today we gonna discuss about it ,Let's start ! :-)

Many concerns are rising because of lack of evidence and the lack of knowledge for the effects of e-cigarettes use.These are becoming the main concern for the doctors and the health experts to decide what's the real fact is !
And actually what ingredients are used to fill in the device ! people are getting worried about what is exactly in the device what and how does it work and what's the proof that it would not effect in a long-term use.
Studies show that 37% of people in america opposed to smoke e-cigarettes in smoke free areas with around 40% uncertain.

E-cigarettes And Their Regulation
So what possibly could be present in the device ? The majority devices have a mouthpiece of cartridge, an atomizer and a battery. The cartridge holds the liquid solution (solution of nicotine) which is heated up and vaporized by the atomizer and the user inhales that vapor mimicking the process of smoking.
The solution in the cartridges contain variable amount of concentrations of nicotine, this can ranged from no to high concentrations of nicotine (24-36 mg/ml).
But there has been drastic change seen in poison centers cause in 2010 it used to one call per month which rose to 215 calls per month in 2014.

Substances In E-cigarettes
The FDA themselves checked the most two popular brand of e-cigarettes and show that nicotine was normally present in variable levels but they also identified some traces of toxic chemicals including carcinogens substances known to cause cancer.Example of these chemicals include formal dehyde and acetal dehyde.After this FDA issued a warning about the potential dangers of using e-cigarettes in other researches also it showed that even more amount of toxicity is present in e-cigarettes than traditional cigarettes.


Thursday, 22 January 2015

10 best ways to loose weight

Hello guys today i'll about some simple ways to lose your weight and it's a bet that it's gonna work for just like it worked for others...

1-Green tea instead of tea or coffee- Drinking a cup of hot green tea in the morning empty stomach can cleanse the toxins of your body.It also can reduce the problem of constipation. It has low calories so starting a day with it can reduce your weight.

2-Hot  water with lemon and honey- Mix a spoon of lime juice and a half a spoon of honey to hot or luke warm  water. Drink this on empty stomach to add your weight loss in 10 days.

3-Reduce the intake of carbohydrates-Rice contains a lot of carbohydrates so reducing the intake of rice can help to reduce weight to great extent. Some people in india take rice in two times of their meal so to loose weight they need to reduce the intake of carbohydrates.

4-Increase the intake of protein-Protein is a muscle builder it can effectively reduce the fat of your body converting them into muscles. so increase the intake of protein by replacing the carbohydrates to protein food.

5-Prefer sprouts to snacks-Burned sprouts are rich in nutrients and have fewer calories. They can be consumed twice a day for brunch or in evening times 2 hours before dinner .They provide better nutrients than any other snacks and they add weight loss.

6-Proper exercise-Working out is very important to lose weight and the simple equation to stay fit is:-proper diet + work out.Its not necessary to hit the gym everyday you just can start it at home by doing some sit ups and skipping or also you can go for morning and evening walk or jogging.

7-Consume fruits with high water content and calories-Fruits and vegetables like water melon, cucumber and papaya have less calories, they can be taken for brunch at lunch or dinner because they can make you full as they contain more water and less calories.

8-Avoid carbonized drinks-Every carbonized drink and beverages should be avoided at the time of weight lose program.Instead of this you can take lime juice,green tea or tender coconut water.

9-Keep a count of your BMI And BMR-Check your body metabolic index and the body metabolic rate. This gives you the amount of calories you should consume and the calories burnt in your body giving you a better clarity of body system.

10-Avoid red meat and three white poisons 'rice,sugar,salt'-Red meat is highly dangerous a it not only leads obesity but also can cause cancer and the poisons rice and sugar and salt are also should be avoided while you are working with weight lose program.

                      Thank you for reading my post and i would post more or keep tuned.